GalvinCare® Mental Health Products

The GalvinCare® range of showering options provides the maximum vandal resistant, anti-ligature and a comfortable showering opportunity. This combined with multiple shower activation options ranging from simple manual hand operated, with preset single temperature through to thermostatically controlled user choice to cater for all needs.



Mental Health Tapware Specialists

Many mental health care experts agree providing patients with a home-like space as opposed to an institution like space, results on shorter lengths of stay, lower levels of aggression and critical incidents, better client outcomes and improved staff conditions and satisfaction. 

Galvin Specialised is committed to designing innovative products that provide optimal enviroments for patients by providing products that are: 


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Anti Ligature

Our robust & vandal resistant GalvinCare® ‘Anti-Ligature Shower Rose’ minimises the risk of self harm; it’s Ideal for Mental Health, public & commercial applications

Galvincare® stainless steel CRR Resistant Grate minimizes the risk of self-harm by patients using the ‘crocodile roll’ technique.

Ease of Use

Our quick connect shower assembly + diverter suits behavioral health showering facilities, enabling carers to divert water flow from one shower outlet to another.

The shower hand piece can be easily removed after washing has been completed to ensure patient safety.  

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Whole of life cost

GalvinCare Inwall Progressive Shower Thermostatic Mixer with Safe-Care Handle’ is safe, easy to use, offering inwall servicing plus considerable control over heated water usage.



GalvinCare® products are designed to appear and operate as conventional, familiar tapware, while providing a secure environment.

Our GalvinCare® Anti-Ligature Shower Control Valve has a unique looking spherical controller- suitable for those with impeding hand health issues.

The polished stainless steel finish and smooth form provide a non-institutional, homely look, while the design and materials resist heavy knocks and rough treatment.

GalvinCare® Range

Products that have the GalvinCare® seal of approval


Award Winning # 42028

GalvinCare® Anti-Ligature Shower Valve with Electronic Activation


# 42030

GalvinCare® AntiLigature Shower Valve



# 303070X

GalvinCare® (CRR) Floor Drain Round 100



# 40691

Vandal Resistant Anti-Ligature Shower Rose



GalvinCare® Inwall Progressive Shower Thermostatic Mixer with GalvinCare® Handle - Warm & Cold




GalvinCare® Inwall Progressive Mixer with GalvinCare Handle Hot & Cold


# 42020

GalvinCare® AntiLigature SafeConnect Shower Head with Hand Shower Assembly


# 40707

GalvinCare® Mental Health Hand Held Shower Assembly with Anti-Ligature Quick Connect Wall Connection


# 42037

GalvinCare® AntiLigature Wall Connection


# 50140

GalvinCare® Mental Health Diverter Assembly with Paddle Handle



# 50197

GalvinCare® AntiLigature Shower Mixer - Concealed without Button

In the absence of a legal or industry definition of anti-ligature or ligature resistant products, when we use these terms, we are referring to products that are designed and manufactured with the intention of reducing the risk of ligature attachment to the product(s).

Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd will always endeavour to design and test our anti-ligature product(s) to reduce the risk of product ligature attachment that may result in serious injury or death.

Whilst all reasonable measures are taken at the time of design, the anti-ligature design of the products are not intended to and will not:

a. Replace protective measures that need to be taken in the specific circumstances of usage;

b. Substitute the need for supervision of those who may be at risk;

c. Protect and or prevent those at risk against any self-harm instances that may occur when installed; and

d. Protect and or prevent injury when the risks where unknown to us at the time of the design of the product(s).

Galvin Engineering Pty Ltd does not offer and does not represent or warrant that any product(s) for sale that are ligature-free.

Therefore, Galvin Engineering will not be liable for any claims, loss, or damages arising from ligature attachment on our products. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that products purchased and installed are suitable for the environments in which they are installed, and suitable supervision and protective measures are in place to protect those at risk.